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Twin Peaks Tiger Den

Student wearing a Pawsitive Paw

To build community across our school, we have implemented multi-age dens. All classes have been assigned to a den, and each of the four dens have at least one class from each grade level. Dens meet quarterly to build relationships and community among older and younger students. They also earn points and compete with one another to reinforce PBIS. All students are a part of our school-wide Tiger Den, and all dens strive for excellence.

Taking PRIDE in our Actions

Dens are also used to teach life skills represented by the acronym PRIDE.

  • P = Perseverance
  • R = Reflective
  • I = Integrity
  • D = Dedication
  • E = Excellence

Meet Our Dens

  1. Bear Den - Bears Persevere: We can do hard things!
  2. Owl Den – Owls Reflect: Stop and think!
  3. Lion Den – Lions have integrity: Honest and true!
  4. Wolf Den – Wolves show dedication: Our pack sticks together!
  5. Tiger Den – All dens: Strive for excellence!

Ways to Earn Den Points

  • Positive Paw = 1 Point
  • Math Facts Award = 1 Point
  • Reading Incentive = 1 Point
  • Bus Expectations = 1 Point
  • Positive Office Referral = 2 Points
  • Positive Paw from the Cafeteria or Playground = 2 Points
  • Positive Assembly & Performance Behavior = 2 points
  • Class Positive Paw = 5 Points
  • Cafeteria Table Paw = 5 Points

Den Celebrations

Celebrations help encourage students to be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn. Dens will celebrate each time they earn 1,000 points. The den in the lead at the end of each quarter will be declared the Den Champion.