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Football player jumps to catch ball

Twin Peaks K-8 School offers a variety of sports opportunities to our 6-8th grade students. By teaching our students values such as commitment, discipline, leadership, and teamwork; interscholastic sports play an integral part of our student's overall educational experience. These values form a foundation for academic success. Additionally, participation in athletic activities contributes to the physical, emotional, and social health of our students. 

At Twin Peaks K-8, we are excited to offer 6-8th grade students an opportunity to play organized sports as a member of the Northwest League. The following sports are offered by grade level: 

6th Grade Sports:

  • First Quarter:
    Cross Country
  • Second Quarter:
    Intramural Sports
  • Third Quarter:
    Intramural Sports
  • Fourth Quarter:

7th & 8th Grade Sports:

  • First Quarter:
    Cross Country, Flag Football, Boy’s Volleyball
  • Second Quarter:
    Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Soccer
  • Third Quarter:
    Girl’s Basketball, Boy’s Soccer
  • Fourth Quarter:
    Track and Girl’s Volleyball

Athletics Registration

Athletic Fees

Interscholastic Activities (Fees)
Class Description Fees
Intramural Sports Fee 40
Athletics Middle School* 65
Athletics High School* 75
Marching Band (includes Colorguard) 50

NOTE: *no student will exceed a cost of $195 at middle school, $165 at high school or no family shall incur a cost in excess of $365 for athletic fees per school, per year. Also per policy any online charter school student must pay $165 middle school football, $120 middle school athletics, $175 high school football and $130 high school athletics.

Seasonal Calendar

Season I (Aug 9- Oct 5)
(August – Fall Break)
Registrations and fees due by Aug 11

  • Boys Volleyball
  • Co-ed Cross Country
  • Co-Ed Flag Football

Season II (Oct 16 - Dec 14)
(Fall Break – Winter Break)
Registrations and fees due by Oct 3

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Soccer
  • 6th Grade Co-Ed Intramurals

Season III (Jan 8 - Mar 7)
(Winter – Spring Break)
Registrations and fees due by Dec 19

  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • 6th Grade Co-Ed Intramurals

Season IV (Mar 25 - May 9)
(Spring Break – Last Day of School)
Registrations and fees due by Mar 12

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Co-ed Track and Field

6th Graders may participate in Cross Country, Intramurals and Track & Field