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Student Council

Students with mustaches at photo booth

Twin Peaks Student Council presents a unique opportunity for young students to learn organization, leadership and teamwork skills. Student Council represents the voice of our students. They help to organize community service projects, arrange school-wide special activities and provide input on school decisions.

The purpose of the Student Council shall be to:

  1. Be positive role models at school and in the community.
  2. Strive for good citizenship.
  3. Involve all students in sharing ideas to make our school the best it can be.
  4. Help all students work together in our school.
  5. Give all students practice in democracy in action.
  6. Help other citizens and groups in the community.
  7. Help members develop leadership skills. 

Student Council Duties:

Twin Peaks K-8 is proud to have our students take an active role in providing service to our school and community.  Each third through fifth grade classroom elects two students to be the voice of their classroom and serve on the council. Fifth grade will also have an elected Captain.  Sixth and seventh grade students will have one representative from each class and will also serve as the elected officers. The officers work together with classroom representatives to practice leadership and decision-making skills and to learn to communicate effectively.  Student Council consists of the following:  

  • President- responsible for representing the student body at all meetings, developing the agenda for meetings and managing the meetings.
  • Vice President- follows the duties of the president when the president is unable to fulfill presidential duties.
  • Secretary- keeps track of the minutes and handles all communication between the council members.
  • Treasurer- handles the funds and keeps financial records.
  • Members at Large- placed in cases of close elections.
  • Sixth and Seventh Grade Officers- responsible for morning announcements.  Help lead school spirit assembly quarterly.​
  • Fifth Grade Captains- Lead monthly school spirit assemblies.
  • Representatives- generates ideas for activities and fundraisers. Reports back to grade level any decisions made by student council.