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Physical Education

Students on Playground

Goals of Physical Education at Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks students attend physical education class two times per week.  Through instruction and participation in a variety of games and activities, your student will develop: 

  1. Fitness skills which focus on cardiovascular endurance, maintaining flexibility, upper body strength and abdominal strength.
  2.  Movement skills by performing a variety of combinations of locomotor and non-locomotor activities in relation to other people, rhythms, and equipment; improving eye-hand and eye-foot coordination; balancing activities, and rhythmic activities.
  3.  Leisure recreation skills by participating in and following the rules for games; and having fun and relieving stress through a variety of structured activities.
  4.  Theory skills by knowing they are responsible for their safety and the safety of other students in the class; knowing they must participate in physical activity to develop and maintain fitness; knowing that heart and respiratory rate will increase with activity; understanding boundaries in a game; knowing sportsmanship involves fair play; and participating cooperatively.
  5.  Team sport skills by participating in a variety of drills and lead up games in sports; demonstrating the ability to play following the rules; and learning strategies appropriate to the grade level.

Dress Code for Physical Education

Children need to wear tennis shoes to physical education class; because, they will be doing many physical activities which involve running, jumping, kicking and changing direction. Tennis shoes protect the feet and are made for vigorous physical activity. Children will also benefit from wearing appropriate clothing that allows for movement.