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Embracing Kindness

KC Mascot standing in front of Be Kind Mural

Every day at Twin Peaks K-8 is a day that students and staff work hard to keep our campus “kind.” Students focus on “filling buckets” with kind words and kind actions.  Students discuss how to be kind not only at school, but also in their home and their community.   

At Twin Peaks, we often talk about filling someone’s bucket. This “bucketfilling FILL-osophy” comes from the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids, by Carol McCloud.  

The purpose of the invisible bucket is to help children understand that the words and actions we use can help someone have a “full bucket” filled with good thoughts and feelings.  When you feel happy you have a “full bucket.”  In contrast, when you feel sad, you have an “empty bucket.” Students are reminded that when you are kind, it makes others feel good. And, in return, you feel good too.  The same goes for bucket “dipping.”  When you do something that is unkind, it takes a drop from the person’s bucket, but it also takes a drop from yours. All Tigers and Tiger Cubs are encouraged to be “Bucket Fillers!”  

Be Kind Twin Peaks

The practice of intentional kindness benefits all of us, no matter our age. Ben's Bells Kindness Education Programs are based on the belief that everyone has the capacity to be kind, and that kindness can be cultivated through intentional practice. Kindness is a universal topic with opportunities for education, recognition and celebration in a variety of venues, including schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and communities. Kind Campus is an innovative school-based outreach program that strives to educate students, families, faculty and staff about the benefits of kindness, and then empower them to create a culture of kindness in their school and beyond.  

Recent research demonstrates that kindness benefits our physical and mental health, and that recognizing kindness in others increases a person's happiness and satisfaction. But just as solving a calculus problem requires advanced math skills, the challenges of daily life require advanced kindness skills. By focusing on kindness and being intentional in our personal interactions, we can improve our ability to connect.  

Twin Peaks K-8 School participates in kindness activities and assemblies throughout the year, with a daily reminder of kindness through a prominent Ben’s Bells “Be Kind" Mosaic Mural on campus.  Ben’s Bells murals serve as a great visual reminder to be kind and symbolize community connection and support through kindness while adding beauty to the community. Murals are located across the District and other locations in southern Arizona, including businesses and community areas. Each mural includes handmade ceramic tile, recycled donated tile, and mirror chunks so the viewer can look into the mural and feel empowered to be the one who can choose to be kind.  Students raised all the funds for the project and created all mosaic tiles. Parent volunteers assisted with the construction of each mosaic mural.

MUSD schools promote a positive school climate at each school through a District-wide integrated behavior system, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS). PBIS is instrumental in teaching students respect, responsibility, and accountability from an early age. As part of PBIS, every school establishes clear expectations for the behavior expected in all classrooms and throughout the school. Along with other school-wide programs such as Peaceful Playgrounds and Healthy Play, Ben's Bells Be Kind mural promotes a positive school environment.